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Block Summary
  Epoch 217
  Slot 297119
  Transactions 1
  Total Sent 289.827063 ADA
  Fees 0.172937 ADA
  Size 392 B
  Slot Leader AdaLite Stake Pool
Block Details
  Recieved Time
  Hash f55b99a2fe59c80f9f1e...8617696ffc3f6529edf9
  Previous Block bf7e22e9ac85c8bdcc61...90adf12cc44056564a4e
  Next Block None (Orphan)
  Block Transactions
addr1qy65wpzftutytlnp...49s00m9htg6nuqqwjtevm 290.000000 addr1q9s27slfufzza8es...49s00m9htg6nuqqzfz9gk         289.827063 ADA
0.172937 Fee 289.827063 ADA
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